Juan Luna’s art piece España y Filipinas

espana y filipinas
Juan Luna’s art piece España y Filipinas | Image Source: DepEd Philippines

Juan Luna’s art piece “España y Filipinas” was one of the most expensive artworks ever sold amounting to HK$ 25.880,000 or Php 130 million.

An earlier version of Juan Luna’s oil painting “España y Filipinas” was auctioned in Sotheby’s 40th Anniversary Evening Sale on October 3, 2013, in Hongkong.

It is believed that the artist made three versions; the second one is in the Lopez Museum and the third is still unaccounted for.

Signed in 1884, the painting is an allegorical comparison of two women, one representing Spain,  and the other, the Philippines.

It broke the record of “Parisian Life” for being the highest-paid work of art by Juan Luna.

Source: DepEd_PH via www.roots.sg

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