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“According to Ifugao elders, to be kadangyan means that a clan is in the “zone of refuge” (gawwana) characterized by the ownership of rice terraces, access to rice, a surplus of properties (pigs, carabaos, etc.), and the capability to perform ritual feasts for the community.

As a privileged class, they are distinguished by the right to wear certain types of textiles and adornments, to carry ceremonial spears, and to play gongs at rice rituals (hongan di page) and welfare rites (hongan di tagu).

Their distinction is also seen in their right and ability to hold certain ceremonies and rituals such as the feasts of merit (hongan di kinadangyan)” (Salvador-Amores, 2018:30).

Hongan di Kinadangyan: Validating Status through Feasting in Ifugao
By: Analyn Salvador-Amores

in Feasts of Merit: wealth, status, and feasting in the Luzon Cordillera (2018).

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