Karerang Takbo

karerang takbo
Karerang Takbo | @psc_gov

Karerang Takbo: Larong Pinoy

This game stays true to the teamwork, speed, and agility themes of Filipino games tested in not just one, but three activities!

This relay race features teams of equal members battling it out to finish the obstacles.

The first obstacle is piko or hopscotch where members of both teams simultaneously hop on a drawn rectangular board until the last step.

Next comes the limbo race where players have to bend their bodies passing beneath a horizontal bamboo stick parallel to the floor. As the bamboo level gets lower, the more effort is needed by members to succeed.

The last level involves the sack race. Each member needs to hop his/her way to the end and at the turnover, the next teammate should go through the same obstacles.

This energy-filled game was a part of the Casiguran, Aurora edition of the Children’s Games in 2018. PSC Chairman William Ramirez warmly shared in this event that “the Sports for Peace program is focused on inspiring children to experience play and sports while teaching them early that no matter your belief, anyone can play with each other.

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