Chinese Garter

chinese garter
Chinese Garter | @psc_gov

Larong Pinoy: Chinese Garter

It might not be nominally ours, but this game is engraved in every Filipino childhood spent playing on a sunny afternoon.

Two or three teams usually make up the game and the ‘it” team’s members served as the posts. These human posts wear the garter at varying heights on their legs depending on the level. When an opposing player fails to jump the garter and steps on it, the mother of the team can save the player. In case the mother fails, the other team gets their turn.

Chinese garter is part of the Three-course Karerang Talon during the Children’s Games held in Casiguran, Aurora.

Other parts of the relay race were luksong tinik and luksong baka which also involve a lot of jumping, flexibility, and agility.

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