Binabaje Hills

binabaje hills
Binabaje Hills Bohol | @natmuseumbohol via Photos by Rowell Clenuar


Binabaje Hills Bohol

Bohol takes pride not only in its rich cultural heritage but also boasts of stunning natural landscapes. The National Museum Bohol takes you to the greeneries on the eastern side of Bohol. Called by the locals as the Binabaje Hills or Healing Hills, these hills and valleys are scattered in the agricultural towns of Alicia, Mabini, and Ubay.

Accessible through hiking or dirt-bikes, one could enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view in the hills of Alicia towards the Mindanao Sea during sunrise or sunset. The trail runs, bike festivals, trekking, and camping trips are a few activities organized and available in the area.

Geologically, the origin of our island-province can be traced back to the Late Jurassic Period. Bohol at that time was below sea level except for Mt. Malibalibod standing now in Ubay adjacent to Alicia. Details of the land formation can be seen in the Natural History gallery of the museum from the oldest metamorphic rock known as the Alicia Schist up to the present.