Kota Island

kota island
Kota Island | Naval Forces West (@NFW_PN)

Kota Island: Know your Philippine features at the Kalayaan Island Group (KIG)

Kota is a Philippine word for a “Fort” and is internationally known as “Loaita Island”.

Kota Island size is approximately 6.45 hectares. It is located 22 miles southeast of Pag-asa. It fringes the Laoita bank and reef. Its calcarenite outcrop is visible along its western side at low tide.

The present shape of the island indicates sand build-up along its eastern side. The anchor-shaped side is expected to eventually connect with the northern portion as the sand buildup continues, thereby creating another mini-lagoon in the process.

The presence of migrating sea birds adds to the high phosphorus contents of the sand found in the island. Occasionally, giant sea turtles are reported to be laying their eggs on the island. It is also considered to be very good fishing destinations.

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