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Happy International Color Day! Just like the different languages of the world, colors exist in a diverse spectrum that gives us an idea of the different ways we view and navigate our world! How do you say “color” in your language?

KÚLÉ • (KOO-leh)
Tagálog (Filipino): kúlay

Derived Words
MAKÚLÉ • (muh-KOO-leh)
Tagálog (Filipino): makúlay

KAKÚLÉ • (kuh-KOO-leh)
of the same color
Tagálog (Filipino): kakúlay

Verb Conjugation
magkúlé, mágkúlé, mégkúlé – to become a certain color (Actor Focus)
mangúlé, mángúlé, méngúlé – to color, tint, dye, or stain with a certain color (Actor Focus)
kuláyan, kukuláyan, kíláyan – to color something (Object Focus)

Example Sentence:
Mégkúlé yang malútú ing málan ku. [Kap]
Nagkúlay pulá ang damít ko. [Tag]
My clothes turned red. [Eng]

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