Lagunsilad Underpass

lagunsilad underpass
Lagunsilad Underpass | photo by @DTCAM_

Built-in the 1960s, the Lagunsilad Underpass connects Manila City Hall and Intramuros. This structure was unfortunately prone to flooding and has been known for various crime incidents.

The pathways were once occupied by vendors which contributed to the mess, clutter, and disorder of the pedestrian underpass.

It was only in 2019 when Manila Mayor Isko Moreno initiated a major renovation and rehabilitation program for the Lagunsilad Underpass.

The new design and features aim to address the concerns of pedestrians frequently accessing the underpass.

The Lagunsilad Underpass was inaugurated on August 24, 2020.

New features include vertical gardens placed at the entrance, pin lights, and mood lighting which were strategically placed to properly illuminate the walkway,

CCTVs that are operational 24/7 were installed along with security personnel to ensure the safety of pedestrians, directional signages with baybayin translations, an interactive wall showcasing Manila’s popular landmarks and iconic sites, and a mural titled “Masigasig na Maynila” which depicts significant events and figures throughout the history of the city of Manila and the Philippines.

Images of civil servants and front-liners were included to commemorate and honor their selfless acts of service for our country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new and improved Lagunsilad Underpass is now a symbol of Manila’s culture and heritage.

More than just being an Instagram-worthy background, the beautiful designs inspired by historical references and iconic structures will entice tourists to visit and locals to deepen their appreciation for Manila’s rich history.

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