Philippines and Panama

philippines and panama
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Philippines and Panama

The Republic of the Philippines and the Republic of Panama celebrate 75 years of formal diplomatic relations today, July 4, 2021!

The Philippines and Panama established diplomatic relations on July 4, 1946.

Below are some facts about the relations between the two countries.

  • Filipino seafarers constitute a significant portion of the workforce on Panamanian-registered vessels.
  • One Philippine President (Fidel Ramos) had visited the Republic of Panama.
  • Philippines and Panama’s total trade in 2020 is US$7,230,000.
  • Total Philippine exports to Panama in 2020 is US$6,336,000.
  • There are 178 Filipinos in Panama (as of 2021).
  • The Philippines is 16,555.18 kilometers away from Panama.

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