Landbank Mobilock

landbank mobilock
Landbank Mobilock | Image Credit: LBP

Landbank Mobilock

Protect your ATM card from unauthorized transactions! The Landbank Mobile banking Apps Mobilock feature gives your card an extra layer of security by allowing you to instantly lock or unlock your ATM Cards from your mobile phones.

Mobilock is a lock and unlocks account safety feature which you can access through
the Landbank Mobile banking apps.

  • Protect your account from unauthorized withdrawal
  • Set your ATM Card to a lock/unlock status with the Mobilock feature anywhere at any time.

You first need to enroll in Landbank iAccess and download the Landbank Mobile Banking App.

For the extra safety measure, the landbank mobile banking app is available for
download at the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

To know the details of your landbank branch account, use the branch locator at

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