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Don’t they look like crispy rolled pansit?

This crunchy wafer is an artisanal snack made of galapong and thin syrup. We hope you can experience watching this theatrical presentation where the cook masterfully glides in motion.

Locot-locot is also known as

  • Jaa,
  • Tagaktak,
  • Tinagtag,
  • Tinadtak, and
  • Amik.

To make this, one must use “ulayan”, a strainer made of coconut shell with pierced holes at the bottom, attached to a wooden shaft. At the edge of the wood is a string hooked to the ceiling. The ulayan is placed above a frying pan filled with hot oil. As the cook holds the rod, s/he taps the ulayan in a swirling motion to control the batter drippings. The frying pan becomes filled with a network of fine threads that resembles a web. With the use of “sukit sukit,” a pair of flat wooden ladles with diagonal cut at the edge, the web of batter is delicately folded and rolled in the pan of oil until it reaches golden brown.

This is a pure form of culinary arts, a heritage worth experiencing in our lifetime!

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How to make locot-locot? (Video)

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