Madayaw | @damakolahi

MADAYAW is a friendly greeting derived from Mandaya and Mansaka words which mean “good”, “valuable” or “treasured”. It is also the word from which the Kadayawan Festival is also derived.

“Madayaw na buntag!”

T. “Magandang Umaga!”
E. “Good morning!”

In the Pre-colonial Philippines, it was believed that in the full moon or in the Dayaw or Kadayawan, one of the embodiments of the moon who is Bulan descended from the heavens to swim with the mermaids and that the mermaids protected the boy moon from the sea monsters.

The festival is celebrated every year on the 3rd week of August and locals would come together to celebrate the bountiful season of good harvest and perform rituals that paid tribute to the nature gods.

PANAGTAGBO is “to form” or “come together” and literally translates “pagpupulong” in Tagalog.

KANUNAY literally means “always” or “at all times”

“Mag-amping kanunay.”

T. “Mag-ingat palagi.”
E. “Take care always.”

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