Maitum Anthropomorphic Pottery

Maitum Anthropomorphic Pottery
Maitum Anthropomorphic Pottery (Maitum Jar No. 21) | @museumxstOries

One of the distinct jar that has been declared a National Cultural Treasure from the Maitum Anthromorphic Pottery collection is Jar 21, as labeled by the archaeologists.

It was recovered in situ and the most complete among the pottery recovered.

Carbon-14 dates taken from the soot of a small vessel inside Jar 21 yielded calibrated dates of A.D. 70 to 370 (70 to 370 CE) and 5 B.C. to A.D. 225 (5 BCE to 225 CE). It is 36.8 cm. tall and an iconographic representation of a gender-specific form of a human figure complete with genitalia of a male juvenile. It is part of a range of anthropomorphic figures depicting the likenesses of male and female forms, exhibiting distinct facial expressions.

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National Museum of the Philippines

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