Marble Location in the Philippines

marble location in the philippines
Marble location in the Philippines | National Museum of the Philippines via @bicolmuseum

Marble Location in the Philippines

The Philippines has marble deposits in

  1. Romblon,
  2. Mindoro,
  3. Panay,
  4. Palawan,
  5. Marinduque,
  6. Cebu,
  7. Catanduanes,
  8. Negros,
  9. Samar,
  10. Bulacan, and
  11. Rizal.

Marble is a metamorphic rock that is formed from a sedimentary rock.

Do you know how these rocks are formed?

For starters, there are three types of rocks; igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.

Metamorphic rocks, like marble, are formed when a pre-existing rock is exposed to extreme heat and pressure within the Earth’s crust. This process is called metamorphism.

Marble, a non-foliated metamorphic rock, is formed when limestone is subjected to high levels of heat and pressure. The metamorphism of limestone causes the mineral calcite to recrystallize, forming much larger crystals as metamorphism progresses; crystals grow more prominent and become identifiable.

The different colors of marble are due to the impurities or minerals present during metamorphism. Limestone with few impurities results in a white-colored marble. The bluish, grey, pink, yellow, or black contains impurities such as clay, iron oxides, or bituminous minerals.

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