Maliputo | @natmuseumph (National Museum of the Philippines)

Maliputo (Caranx ignobilis | Giant trevally)

This native fish is found in Indo-Pacific seas with populations migrating in Taal Lake. Popularly known as Maliputo, this species is considered a highly prized food, often cooked in sinigang or grilled.

The National Museum of the Philippines continues to feature our natural heritage found in your pockets. Today, the National Museum Museum is featuring Philippine animals depicted in the New Generation Currency series in your 20, 50, 100, and 200 bills.

Our wildlife also provides sustenance to many communities like this highly prized fish found in Taal Lake. Depicted on the reverse of the new 50-peso bill is Maliputo, a population of Giant trevally which thrives in freshwater, distinguished from the marine variant called Talakitok. Maliputo spawns downstream – in river mouths and mangroves while fingerlings find their way in Taal Lake through Pansipit River. Unfortunately, Maliputo numbers are in decline due to overfishing and the proliferation of invasive alien species like tilapia which feeds on native fishes in the lake including Philippine endemic Tawilis.

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