Mananguete | @thenegrosmuseum

Since ancient times, a mananguete or a coconut wine tapper is the person who extracts the coconut to produce a coconut wine.

Philippine katutubo/natives have extracted sap from the inflorescence of palms thriving throughout the archipelago. The liquid was fermented into alcoholic spirits for ritual or celebratory occasions.

The coconut (Cocos nucifera), found throughout the islands, yields the familiar tuba. The coconut is nicknamed the tree of life as almost every part is utile. Nevertheless, other palms also yield parts and wholes not only for food and drink but also for a range of manufactured products.

Baskets are woven from fine laths of buri (Corypha elata), nipa, coconut; brooms assembled from midribs of kaong, buri, coconut. Hats and mats are plaited from fine gauge buri strips.

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