Marlon Stockinger Proud of His Philippine Root


Marlon Stockinger may look like a European but he has a Filipino

blood running on his veins. He is proud of his Filipino ancestry.


He had been residing in Europe for more than 8 years in hope of

fulfilling  his dream to be included in the elite list of 24 best

formula 1 race drivers in the world.


Marlon Stockinger is a Lotus F1 Junior driver.


He took a break from F1 racing and presently in the Philippines

to spend some time with his immediate family and relatives. He

also wishes to spend some time with his fans and supporters.


He said that it is sometimes annoying to hear from people say that

he is not from here (Filipino). He may look like a foreigner but

he is proud to be a Filipino and further said that home is where

you grew up and he grew up in the Philippines.


All his talents and driving skills were honed here in the



Marlon Stockinger has a Swiss Father and a Filipino mother. He

was brought up and trained by his parents to be independent. He

was trained to depend on himself and not to depend on others.


The time that he was away from home and away from his parents,

Marlon Stockinger realized and understood the characters of his

parents that they are trying to bestow to him.


He said that he inherited from his mother the character of

fighting spirit. He never gives up, even if he is the underdog

in an event, his fighting spirit remains strong.


He inherited his confidence from his Swiss father.


He stated that Filipinos have that sense of adaptability and

you can put the Filipinos anywhere in the world and somehow

they can survive and find ways to succeed.