The National Bird of the Philippines

national bird of the philippines
National Bird of the Philippines | @natmuseumph (National Museum of the Philippines)

The National Bird of the Philippines is the Philippine Eagle.

Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi
(Ogilvie Grant, 1896)

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered, Rare and Local.

Philippine Eagle is locally known as:

  • banog,
  • mamboogook,
  • garuda,
  • manaol,
  • tipule,
  • aguila, and
  • haring-ibon.

It is the largest forest eagle in the world. Occur in the islands of Luzon, Samar-Leyte, and Mindanao.

The Philippine Eagle is one of the rarest and powerful forest raptors in the world. It inhabits the lowland forests and nest (usually) in tall dipterocarp trees. The majestic Philippine eagle is a symbol of Filipinos’ tenacity and resilience. It persists amid the growing peril to its existence.

Did you know that there are only 300-500 pairs of Philippine eagles left in the wild throughout its range?

Hunting and persecution remain the top threats for the species accompanied by the continuous destruction of its habitats. Despite these challenges, sustained conservation efforts are being implemented in past decades to increase the population of our national bird.

The National Museum of the Philippines is one with the Philippine Eagle Foundation on our campaign towards a safe space for our national bird whether in the wild or captivity.

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