On this day, November 25

  On This Day, November 25, in 1977, the military tribunal sentenced Ninoy Aquino, NPA leader Bernabe Buscayno and military defector Victor Corpuz to death by firing squad. The sentence was commuted due to the human rights violations that garnered the world’s attention. Ninoy Aquino was the youngest Filipino to be elected senator, at age … Read more

Loon Coastal Geomorphic Conservation Park

The Loon Coastal Geomorphic Conservation Park “At about 7:45 in the morning of October 15, 2013, Sally Bentulan, a resident of the coastal barangay of Napo, the original settlement of Loon, went on an early morning dip in the sea near the fish port. After a few minutes of swimming on chest-deep water, she heard … Read more

First female associate justice of the Philippines Supreme Court

Who is the first female associate justice of the Philippines Supreme Court? On November 22, 1913, jurist and politician Cecilia Muñoz-Palma was born in Bauan, Batangas. After earning her law degree at the University of the Philippines and topping the bar examinations in 1937, she proceeded to study at Yale University where she earned her … Read more

Best in English in ASEAN

Best in English in ASEAN The Philippines is the second-best in English in ASEAN, behind Singapore. Data from 100 countries, including 8 ASEAN Countries, except Brunei and LAO PDR. 1. Singapore 2. Philippines 3. Malaysia 4. Vietnam 5. Indonesia 6. Cambodia 7. Thailand 8. Myanmar Image Source: @tinaarceodumlao via FB: ASEAN Information Center | www.aseanthai.net/english … Read more

Binabaje Hills

  Binabaje Hills Bohol Bohol takes pride not only in its rich cultural heritage but also boasts of stunning natural landscapes. The National Museum Bohol takes you to the greeneries on the eastern side of Bohol. Called by the locals as the Binabaje Hills or Healing Hills, these hills and valleys are scattered in the … Read more