11 Residents Hospitalized In Karuhatan Valenzuela

11 Residents of Barangay Karuhatan Valenzuela City were rushed to the hospital. The 11 Residents including 2 children and 1 pregnant woman were rushed to the hospital after having a hard time breathing accompanied by dizziness and vomiting. The Symptoms suffered by the residents immediately followed after a fogging operation conducted in the area to … Read more

2 Drug Suspects Arrested In San Mateo Rizal

2 Drug Suspects were arrested in a buy-bust operation in San Mateo Rizal. The 2 Suspects were caught in flagrante delicto selling Marijuana, a prohibited drug in the Philippines, to some high school students. Based on the tip of an asset, the San Mateo Rizal Police came to know the racket of the suspect, Reynaldo … Read more

Philippines and Japan Conducts Search And Rescue Drills

Philippines and Japan conducts a search and rescue drills in the West Philippine Sea.   The Search and Rescue drills were conducted by the Philippines and Japan despite the objections of China in such military training activity in the West Philippine sea.   The Japanese newest maritime surveillance plane flew followed by the Philippine Navy’s … Read more

Buriki Taxi

Buriki Taxi is a new modus operandi employed by criminals. Buriki Taxi is a taxi driven by a driver who is in connivance with another who will hide in the trunk of the taxi. A person will hide in the trunk of a buriki taxi without the passengers being aware. The person inside the trunk … Read more

USS Fort Worth To Participate In Carat 2015

USS Fort Worth. The Philippines and the US will again conduct a naval exercise. Among the ships involved will be the US latest ship USS Fort Worth. Fort Wort is a new US Navy ship. It has an embarked helicopter capable of anti-submarine warfare. It has also a giant drone for surveillance purposes and one … Read more