On this day, November 21

On this day, November 21 is the birthday of broadcaster Karen Davila and Singer Lyca Gairanod. 1916 The hospital ship HMHS Britannic was sunk. 1894 Governor-General Narciso Claveria released the Catalogo Alfabetico de Appellidos. 1694 Voltaire was born. 1564 Miguel Lopez de Legazpi’s voyage to the Philippines began. ¬†

On this day, July 7

On this day, July 7 Today in history: 129th Anniversary of the Founding of Katipunan (K.K.K.) On its 129th Anniversary, we celebrate the Founding of the Katipunan and give thanks to our forefathers who ensured the freedom of today. “Sa buong kasaysayan ng ating minamahal na bansa, ang pinakamahalagang regalo sa atin ay ang ating … Read more

On this day, April 12

Today in History, April 12, in 1895, after a week-long journey into the mountains of San Mateo, Morong (Rizal), Andres Bonifacio and 8 leaders of the Katipunan reached the Pamitinan Cave and wrote on the cave walls, “Viva la Independencia Filipina. In Jan 1892, an underground org known as the Katipunan was conceptualized, but it … Read more

On this day, April 5

On this day, April 5 Today in History, April 5, in 1580, 8 years after being organized into an encomienda, Pangasinan was organized under the Spanish colonial government into a province (Provincia de Pangasin√°n) ruled by an alcalde mayor. This was the acknowledged date of the founding of the said Philippine province. Prior to the … Read more

On this day, March 31

On this day, March 31 On this day, March 31, in 1521, 500 years ago, the 1st recorded Catholic Mass in the Philippines was celebrated in Limasawa, Southern Leyte, on Easter Sunday, officiated by ship chaplain Pedro de Valderrama, & attended by Rajas Kolambu and Siau, with Magellan and crew. After journeying westward from Spain … Read more