Panahon | @bababisaya, Paintings & text from Negros Museum, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, on the island of Buglas

PANAHON (time)
SANG UNA (a long time ago)
SUBONG (today, now)
SA DASUN (in the coming future)
in Hiligaynon (the most common Bisayan language spoken in Panay island and Negros Occidental)

PANAHON (time) is not linear.

In fact, the word, ‘panahon’ -which exists throughout Philippine languages – means not simply ‘time’ but a state of weather and climate seasons.

Time, in the PANAHON sense, thus refers to cycles of change.

When viewing these paintings of reimagined pre-colonial island worlds, remember that our past, present, and futures are always circling each other, connected like threads woven together.

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