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Today we feature a unique Kapampángan sentence about “curing” one’s hunger first when the food isn’t ready yet!

PANÚLU • (puh-NOO-loo)
medicine, medication
Tagálog (Filipino): gamót

Root Word
ÚLU • (OO-loo)
(to) cure, treat, medicate
Tagálog (Filipino): gamót

False Friends
Kapampángan úlu = (to) cure, treat, medicate
Tagalog úlo = head (anatomy)

Derived Words
PIPÁNULUAN • (pih-PAH-noo-lwuhn)
medical center, hospital, clinic
Tagálog (Filipino): págámútan

PÁMANÚLU • (PAH-muh-NOO-loo)
medical treatment, treating
Tagálog (Filipino): pagpápagamot

TALAPANÚLU • (tuh-luh-puh-NOO-loo)
medic, doctor, physician
Tagálog (Filipino): manggagámot

MÁKAÚLU • (MAH-kuh-OO-loo)
medicinal, curative, healing
Tagálog (Filipino): nakagágamot

Verb Conjugation
manúlu, mánúlu, ménulu – (1) to cure, treat; (2) to medicate (Actor Focus)
uluan, uwuluan, inúlu – (1) to cure, treat; (2) to medicate (Object Focus)
magpaúlu, mágpaúlu, migpaúlu – to go to the doctor, seek medical treatment (Actor Focus)

Example Sentence
Manúlu ka páng dánup. [Kap]
Manggamót ka múna ng gútom. [Tag]
Cure your hunger first. [Eng]

This is a unique Kapampángan expression that is not used in Tagalog. It’s used when you ask someone to “cure” their hunger first with whatever food they can find because the food isn’t ready yet.

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