Philippine Arbor Day Have You Heard Of It?

Philippine Arbor Day, Is there such a day?


Yes, there is.


The Philippine Arbor Day is June 25.


Arbor day is a holiday in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant trees.


A substantial number of countries observe this holiday. The date of this holiday varies among countries. This holiday is usually observed during the planting season.


Planting season defers among countries.


In the Philippines, Arbor day is a yearly event for local government units.


There is a law in the Philippines called the Arbor Day Act of 2012.


This law revives the observance of arbor day by authorizing the local government units the responsibilities for celebrating the day for tree planting as an annual event.


Each Province, City or Municipality through its law making body, the sanggunian, may pass  an ordinance to determine the date of the arbor day or tree planting day in their respective jurisdiction.


Every Province, City or Municipality may have different arbor day or tree planting day.


Under the law, all able-bodied Filipinos of the Philippines who are at least 12 years of age are required to plant 1 tree every year but there is no prohibition for planting more.

philippine arbor day


They can not plant the tree in any place they want.


The law requires that the tree planting activities shall be done in any of the following  areas:

  • Public school grounds, gardens or other available areas within the school premises
  • Idle or vacant public lands
  • Public parks in urban and rural area
  • Private schools, parks and lands with the consent of the owner thereof


Who will provide the seedlings to be planted you might ask?


The Bureau of Plant  Industry in coordination with the Philippine Coconut Authority shall supply and distribute the seedlings to the Provinces, Cities or Municipalities for the Tree Planting Program.


The Bureau of Plant Industry will supply and distribute the seedlings but the
Sanggunian of the Province, City or Municipality shall provide for the allocation of


To make it clear, arbor day or celebration of tree planting day is not a national
holiday. It means work in the government and the private sectors are not suspended.


It is a local government event as proclaimed by The Governor of a Province or the
Mayor of a City or Municipality through an ordinance passed by their respective local  sanggunian.


Sanggunian is the local elective officials in the Philippines who has the power to
propose, enact, repel or amend a local law.