The Philippines and Albania

philippines and albania
The Philippines and Albania | @dfaphl

The Philippines and Albania 

The Republic of the Philippines and the Republic of Albania celebrate 36 years of formal diplomatic relations. The two countries established diplomatic relations on June 11, 1987.

Common Ground

The Philippine eagle, the national bird of the Philippines, is a national symbol of Filipino tenacity and resilience and hope, and inspiration in times of crisis.

The Albanian national flag has a black double-headed eagle in the middle. To Albanians, the eagle denotes pride, heroism, strength, and, ultimately, their ability as a people to survive historical calamities.

There are 121 Filipinos in Albania.

The distance between the two countries is 9,858 kilometers.

The Philippines and the Republic of Albania’s total trade is US$ 454,729 (2022). Albania’s total export to the Philippines is US$ 382,274 (2022).

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