Salinta Monon

salinta monon
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Salinta Monon ± (December 12, 1920 – June 4, 2009)
Textile Weaver: Bagobo Inabal
Bagobo Tagabawa
Bansalan, Davao del Sur

Salinta Monon was a Bagobo Tagabawa textile weaver from Davao del Sur. She fully demonstrated the creative and expressive aspects of the Bagobo abaca-ikat weaving called ‘Inabal’ at a time when the art was threatened with extinction.

“Practically, since she was born, Salinta Monon had watched her mother’s nimble hands glide over the loom, weaving traditional Bagobo textiles. At 12 she presented herself to her mother, to be taught how to weave herself. Her ardent desire to excel in the art of her ancestors enabled her to learn quickly. She developed a keen eye for traditional designs, and by the age of 65, she was able to identify the design as well as the author of a woven piece just by a glance.”

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