San Lazaro Hospital: Oldest Hospital in Manila

san lazaro hospital
San Lazaro Hospital: Oldest Hospital in Manila | Renacimiento Manila (@rebirth.manila)

San Lazaro Hospital: Oldest Hospital in Manila

San Lazaro Hospital was established in 1577, making it the oldest hospital still in operation in Manila.

The hospital started as a dispensary of the Franciscan convent in Intramuros. In 1578, the infirmary gained its own structure, eventually becoming the Hospital Misericordia. Both San Lazaro Hospital and San Juan de Dios Hospital had their origins from this hospital.

In 1603, a new structure for the hospital was built in Dilao, outside the city walls (the site today of PNU). This structure became the Leprosario de San Lazaro, serving the needs of natives and lepers.

In 1758, San Lazaro was moved to its current location which was once a hacienda north of Manila. There, a chapel and new buildings were built to attend to the needs of lepers and other indigents.

Today, San Lazaro Hospital continues to serve patients with contagious diseases. The compound is also home to the head office of the Department of Health.

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