Starstruck Top 35 Revealed

Starstruck Top 35

  1. Alicia Lacap
  2. Allysa de Real
  3. Analyn Barro
  4. April Scott
  5. Arjan Jimenez
  6. Arra San Agustin
  7. Avery Paraiso
  8. Ayra Mariano
  9. Beatriz Imperial
  10. Camille Torres
  11. Carl Cervantes
  12. Chat Bornea
  13. Claire Bande
  14. Elyson de Dios
  15. Faith da Silva
  16. Frederick Fructuoso
  17. James Teng
  18. Jay Arcilla
  19. Jefferlyn Serrano
  20. Joemarie Nielsen
  21. Karessa Toring
  22. Kevin Sagra
  23. Klea Pineda
  24. Koreen Medina
  25. Kyle Manalo
  26. Kyle Vergara
  27. Liezel Lopez
  28. Mariam Al-alawi
  29. Marion Garcia
  30. Migo Adecer
  31. Nikki Co
  32. Prince Clemente
  33. Princess Guevarra
  34. Rachel Dimaculangan
  35. Rojean Reyes

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The Starstruck talent discovery program has returned after five years. The original reality-based tv talent discovery show. The Starstruck top 35 hopefuls have been revealed. They will fight it out to be included in the final top 14. These future matinée idols and future lading ladies experienced firsthand how to become a celebrity after they have undergone an intense workshop in acting, dancing, singing, and in all aspects of preparations to become a full pledge star.

Starstruck host Dingdong Dantes said that he is happy that GMA is again opening doors to give chance for others to become a star but the show will not make it easy for them.

Starstruck started in the year 2003 and Dingdong Dantes is a witness to the growth of some starstruck alumni who became successful in their chosen careers in showbizness. Many lives have been changed by this reality-based tv show and many are now living the dream which started from a dream.

This September 2015, let’s watch the starstruck top 35 dream, believe, survive, and find out who will become the winner.