The Healing Festival (Siquijor)

The Healing Festival (Siquijor)  The island province of Siquijor is known for its mystic traditions and traditional healing processes. For this Maundy Thursday, we will feature the Holy Week tradition of Siquijor Island, The Healing Festival. During Lent, the province holds the Healing Festival at Mt. Bandilaan, showcasing Siquijor’s resident faith healers and their indigenous … Read more

Angono Fisherman’s Festival

Angono Fisherman’s Festival Did you know? That this painting by Jose “Pitok” Blanco titled “Angono Fisherman’s Festival” contains more than a hundred human figures, and all are faces of real people! This mural painting took two years to complete, and Pitok visited each of his neighbor’s houses to sketch the town folk’s faces. He even … Read more

Kneeling Carabao Festival

Kneeling Carabao Festival (Pulilan, Bulacan, May 14) Even with advanced technologies in farming, we cannot deny that Filipino farmers still get help from hardworking carabaos. These friendly animals have been a companion to Filipino farmers in providing food for us to consume. That is why there is no doubt that there are several festivals for … Read more

Panagyaman Rice Festival

Panagyaman Rice Festival The month of April is Panagyaman Rice Festival. Across the Philippines, agricultural towns and villages celebrate fiestas in the months of May and June. Crucial to these celebrations are the successful harvests of rice and other crops in the month of April. In 1956, to draw the attention of Filipinos to more … Read more

40th Lanzones Festival

Street dancers wave giant “lanzones” during a parade in celebration of the 40th Lanzones Festival in Mambajao, Camiguin on Saturday. The festival coincides with the harvest season of the lanzones, the island province’s primary product, every third week of October. Dancers, clad in colorful costumes, jive to the tune of live music during the parade … Read more