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Sabayang Patak Kontra Polio

  “Sabayang Patak Kontra Polio,” together we will stop polio towards UNC.(@DOHgov) The Oral polio vaccine (OPV) is safe and effective. Find out what (OPV) oral polio vaccine is and know its delivery schedule. The Department of Health is encouraging everyone to help combat polio towards universal health care (UHC). Make sure to have your baby vaccinated on… Read More »

Only 4 strains of dengue virus recorded in the Philippines

There are only 4 strains of dengue virus recorded in the Philippines. DOH clarifies that there are no mutant strains being monitored or recorded. DOH clarifies that there are no mutant strains of dengue virus being monitored or reported in the Philippines. Among the 4 recorded dengue strains, DENV-3 is the predominant strain in the country this year.… Read More »

Back to bakUNA (una sa lahat, bakuna)

  Join free vaccination from July to September 2019 with the public school. This month from July to September 2019 the DOH with DepEd will resume and encourage all parents, teachers and local governments to participate in free immunization of students in public schools. Kindergarten to grade 7: Measles vaccine Grade 1 and Grade 7: Diphtheria Vaccine Makiisa… Read More »

Vaping Banned in Philippines Public Places

Vaping and e-cigarettes are now covered by the public smoking ban, based on an Administrative order of the Department of Health. Vaping in the Philippines became popular because of scientific evidence has unequivocally established that tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke causes death, disease and disability, lead to devastating health, social, economic and environmental consequences, and places… Read More »

Is it true that rain will make you ill?

  Is it true that getting wet from the rain will make you ill? Your elders, mother, father, and other relatives always remind you to stay away from the rain because it can cause cough, colds, fever, and diarrhea. But is it true? In the “Good News” program of the GMA Network, Dr.Edwin Bien explains that it is not… Read More »