Tesda Courses You Might Be Interested To Learn Today

Tesda Courses are the best alternative to a university or college education.

A typical baccalaureate degree takes 4 to 5 years of study. It takes time and money to  obtain a college degree.

Tesda Courses are the best alternative if you have neither the time nor the money to take a full four or five years of study.

Tesda is a government agency regulating the operation of vocational schools in the  Philippines.

Its task is to manage and supervise technical education and skills development  in
the Philippines.

Tesda programs are generally offered by private vocational schools and courses offered directly by Tesda in its facilities or training centers.

If you would like to learn automotive mechanic for instance, you need to inquire from the  nearest vocational school in your location if it offers that course or the nearest tesda office if that course is available for study in its training center.

If your intention is to take a Center Based Programs (Tesda) and not from a vocational school, here is the lists of tesda regional and provincial training centers from where  you can direct your inquiry. Check if your intended course is available.

If the Tesda program  you want is not available in the Vocational School in your area, then  you may inquire in the list of Tesda Administered Schools.

There are 57 Tesda Administered Schools. 19 are agricultural schools, 7 are fishery
schools and 31 are trade schools.

The Following are the most popular Tesda Courses based on the number of graduates:

  • Food and Beverage Services
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • Cookery
  • Bread and Pastry Production
  • Housekeeping
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance
  • Computer Systems Servicing
  • Household Services
  • Book Keeping

tesda courses

Tesda Courses Tuition Fee or the Cost of training is way cheaper than taking the course from a private vocational schools.

For instance, Enumerated hereunder are the cost of taking a Tesda Program in the Regional or Provincial Training centers of Tesda:

  • Agricultural Crop production – P8000
  • Poultry/Chicken Production – P10,000
  • Aquaculture – P10,000
  • Horticulture – P10,000
  • Organic Agriculture – P10,000
  • Rice Machinery Operations -P8,000
  • Automotive Body Repairing – P5,000
  • Automotive Servicing – P4,000
  • Automotive Body Painting – P5,000
  • Motorcycle/Small Engine Servicing – P6,000
  • Automotive Electrical Assembly – P5,000
  • Carpentry – P7,000
  • Heavy Equipment Operator (Backhoe) – P15,000
  • Heavy Equipment Operator (Bulldozer) – P15,000
  • Masonry – P5,000
  • Plumbing – P7,000
  • CNC Lathe Machine Operation – P5,000
  • Machining – P5,000
  • Transmission Line Installation and Maintenance – P10,000
  • Computer System Servicing – P7,000
  • Footwear Making – P8,000
  • Dressmaking/Tailoring – P3,500
  • Food Processing – P5,000
  • Slaughtering Operations – P20,000
  • Medical Transcription – P10,000
  • Web Development – P30,000
  • Cookery – P8,000
  • Driving – P5,000

For the complete and updated lists of Tesda Courses and Costs offered in the Tesda Regional and Provincial training center in your area, visit or call their listed telephone numbers.

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