The Universidad de Santo Tomas

Universidad de Santo Tomas
The Universidad de Santo Tomas | @intramurosph

The Universidad de Santo Tomas is currently recognized as the oldest university in the Philippines. It was founded in 1611 by Archbishop Miguel de Benavides, and has for four centuries produced saints, national heroes, scientists, artists, and the church as well as government leaders.

It boasts of housing the oldest continuous publishing service in the Philippines, as well as being the first in offering degrees in medicine, pharmacy, law, and engineering.

In 1645 it was made a University by Pope Innocent X, in 1785 it was granted the title “Royal” by King Charles III of Spain, and in 1902 it was given the title “Pontifical” by Pope Leo XIII. Santo Tomas was first located in Intramuros, but after the war has moved completely to its campus in Sampaloc, Manila.

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