Waling-waling | @natmuseumph (National Museum of the Philippines) via Photos by Danilo Tandang / NMP Botany and National Herbarium Division, Cristian Lucañas of UPLB Museum of Natural History, and Mary June Bugante


Waling-waling or Vanda sanderiana is the queen of Philippine orchids. Its blossoms can grow up to 12 centimeters wide with a characteristic two-toned look.

Due to its beauty, it has become a favorite among breeders and is widely used in corsages and special occasions.

WALING-WALING, a native flower of the orchid family in Mindanao. It grows in the rainforests of Davao region and is worshipped as a diwata(fairy) by the Bagobo people.

USO-USO, from the root word ‘uso’ which means “trend”, it is a modern design of jeepney usually of Nelson-type or tricycle that are equipped with a powerful sound system and are often referred to as “mobile discos”. Uso-uso jeepneys are notorious in the streets of Davao for playing loud music and trendy Budots mixes.

AYO-AYO, a particular way of saying “keep well and take care”. This is usually spoken to people who are about to leave and want him to take care of himself.

The last common word that I heard from my friends and family before leaving for abroad last year.

“Daghan salamat, ayo-ayo mo.”

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