Who is the 6th President of the Philippines?

who is the 6th president of the philippines
Who is the 6th President of the Philippines? | NHCPOfficial


Who is the 6th President of the Philippines?

On This Day, November 16, in 1890, Elpidio Quirino was born in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. A former Ilocos Sur Representative (1919-1922), Senator (1925-1935), and Vice-President (1946-1948), Quirino was the 6th President of the Philippines (1948-1953). During his term, Elpidio Quirino used a Chrysler Crown Imperial Limousine as his presidential car.

The Imperial line was Chrysler’s luxury brand that was positioned against Cadillac, Lincoln, and Packard. It was marketed above the standard Chrysler New Yorker sedan. Imperials with the “Crown” in their name bore the top-of-the-line trim. This vehicle has a special long-wheelbase version that offered seating for eight, along with a partition window that separated the driver’s quarters from the rear passengers.

The Chrysler Crown Imperial Limousine is a 2-speed manual car that runs a 5.4 Liter gasoline in a Hemi-V8 cylinder engine and has a power of 284 PS.

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