Wife Mauled By Husband In Iriga City Camarines Sur

A Wife mauled by her husband was caught by CCTV in a corner of a street in Iriga City Camarines Sur.

The CCTV showed a woman who sat in front of a building. She was followed by her husband and a few minutes later, the husband pulled the woman who turned out to be his wife, and he, later on, pushed her until she fell down on the ground.

The husband brought out a knife and acted to stabbed his wife. The husband appeared to be very angry. The husband was not yet contented and continued to kick his wife who was down on the ground. Some pedestrians and motorists passed but nobody attempted to stop the husband from hurting his wife.

Two Policemen eventually came which prevented the wife from suffering more injury. The Policemen run after the husband and arrested him. It was, later on, found that the husband was intoxicated.

When questioned by the police, the husband said that his wife went after him in a drinking session which irritated and made him angry.

Charges were filed by the police against the husband.

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