Wooden Eggbeater

wooden eggbeater
Wooden Eggbeater | National Museum Bohol @natmuseumbohol

Wooden Eggbeater

Now on our second week in the observance of Nutrition Month in the country, the National Museum Bohol is sharing to you this relic of a bygone age. A deceptively simple tool that is yet another proof of the sophistication, craftsmanship, and ingenuity of our forebears.

This wooden Eggbeater or Mixer was an essential tool for making Torta, a sweet and savory mini cake traditionally served during fiestas. The implement consists of the Whisk, which is a long stick attached to propeller-like boards that do the whisking and the mixing. The whisk is positioned in the center of a supporting structure designed like a stool with a hole in the middle, through which the whisk’s staff is inserted. A rope is then coiled around the upper portion of the staff to control the movement of the whisk. The simple technology allows easier egg beating and mixing with other ingredients, perfect for baking batches of those delicious tortas!

As shown in the photo, this wooden kitchen implements measures 42 x 42 x 61.5 cm. It was donated by the heirs of Tiburcio Torralba Borja and is now part of the Ethnographic collection of the National Museum in Bohol.

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