23 Seater E-jeepney

23 Seater E-jeepney | (@pcieerd)

23 Seater E-jeepney

This revolutionized jeepney is designed to comply with the new vehicle Philippine National Standard (PNS) by utilizing new materials and locally made lithium-ion batteries with a battery management system.

This innovation helps reduce CO2 emissions, fossil fuel consumption, fuel costs, and noise pollution.

This 23-seater E-jeepney is a viable alternative to a regular diesel jeepney and complies with the government’s Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program.

The 23-seater e-jeepney is a low-carbon electric vehicle technology designed to upgrade and modernize the conventional jeepneys complying to Philippine National Standards. This uses materials and locally made lithium-ion batteries with a management system; a viable alternative to fossil-fuel powered vehicles.

Body Material: Composite materials (non-metallic)
Overall Dimension: 482 cm x 180 cm x 257 cm
Load Capacity: 1,500 kg
Range per Full Charge: 55 km
Max Operating Speed: 45 kph
Charger: AC 220V
Motor: 15 KW AC Induction Motor
Battery Pack: 96V Lithium Battery LFP (24V 5.04 kwh x 4 series)

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