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HAPPY THREE KINGS! Before Filipino children had Santa Claus, they believed that the Three Kings left them gifts on their way to Bethlehem on Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day!

Today is Epiphany or the Feast of the Three Kings which marks the end of the Christmas season for Filipinos. The day commemorates the visit of the Three Wise Men to the baby Jesus on His stable in Bethlehem. Traditionally and still widely celebrated on January 6 (now on the first Sunday after January 1), Three Kings’ Day is celebrated in Filipino homes with feasting, merrymaking, and gift-giving, with children leaving their polished shoes out during the eve of the feast in hopes of receiving gifts from the Three Kings in the morning!

ÁRÎ • (AH-ree’)
Tagálog (Filipino); hárì

Derived Phrase
Paskung Atlung Árî / Aldó Atlung Árî [Kap]
Áraw ng Tatlóng Hárì [Tag]
Epiphany, Three Kings’ Day

Derived Words:
pinanári – (n.) rainbow (compound of pinang “loincloth” and árî “king”, literally “king’s loincloth”)
kayarian – (n.) kingdom

Verb Conjugation:
magárî, mágárî, migárî – to reign (Actor Focus)

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