2022 Barangay Election and SK Election Important Dates

Barangay and SK Elections
2022 Barangay and SK Elections Important Dates | @PIADesk

2022 Barangay and SK Elections Important Dates

October 6 – 13 (except October 9)
Filing of Certificate of Candidacy.

October 6 – December 12, 2022
Election Period, Gun Ban

November 25 – December 3, 2022
Campaign Period

December 5, 2022
Election Day
Voting Hours, 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM

January 4, 2023
Last Day To File Statement Of Contribution and Expenditures (SOCE)


The DILG in its twitter account posted the following reminders for candidates and voters and the public in general regarding the fast approaching Barangay Election and SK Election.

For those who are willing to run for office in the coming barangay election and SK election, the filing of the certificate of candidacy will start on April 14 and end on April 20.

The Election period starts on the first day of the filing of candidacy of the candidates  and end one week after the date of the election.

The Election period is from April 14 to May 21.

The Election day is on May 14.

June 13 will be the last day of filing statements of contributions and expenditures (SOCE).

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Before filing your certificate of candidacy, be aware that according to the information disseminated by DILG in its twitter post, a person running for the position of Barangay Chairperson or any member of the SK or sangguniang kabataan shall not be  eligible to run for office if he/she has a relative by consanguinity or affinity in the first and second degree who is an incumbent elected national, regional, provincial, municipal or barangay official in the locality where they intend to be elected.

Your relatives by consanguinity in the first degree are your mother, father, son and daughter.

Your relatives by affinity in the first degree are your mother in law and father in law.

Your relatives by consanguinity in the second degree are your brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson and granddaughter.

Your relatives by affinity in the second degree are your grandfather-in-law, grandmother-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

You are not disqualified to run in the barangay and SK election, so what are the
qualification to run for the office of Punong Barangay or Barangay Chairperson and  members of the sanggunian barangay (kagawad).

The Following are the qualifications:

  1. Must be a citizen of the Philippines
  2. Registered voter in the barangay where he/she intend to be elected
  3. Must be a resident of the barangay by at least one year before the date of election
  4. At least 18 years of age on the day of the election

Candidates for the sangguniang kabataan must be at least fifteen (15) years of age but not more than twenty-one (21) years of age on election day. (R.A.7160)

Barangay Election and SK Election Prohibited Acts

  • Alteration of precincts or establishment of new precincts
  • Carrying of firearms or other deadly weapons
  • Use of security personnel or bodyguards by candidates
  • Transfer of officers and employees in the civil service
  • Suspension of any elective local officer

The Barangay election and SK Election should have been held last October 2017.

But a law was passed postponing it and scheduled it on the second Monday of May 2018 which is May 14.