BBL Will Not Be Enacted On Time

By | June 9, 2015


The congress of the Philippines may not be able to pass the

BBL or Basic Law On The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region on the

date it set on June 11.


Congress will finish its interpellation on Wednesday, June 10.


Regardless of whether or not the (BBL) Basic Law On The

Bangsamoro Autonomous Region will be passed before June 11,

The MILF will begin the decommissioning or turn over of its



145 armed MILF fighters are scheduled to be decommissioned in

a couple of days.


According to MILF Chief negotiator Monagher Iqbal, in the

ceremonial decommissioning of its 145 armed members, MILF

will also turn over 75 of its high powered firearms.


Decommissioning is the process by which the MILF fighters will

no longer use and lay down their firearms in exchange for

socio economic programs and livelihood to be given by the

government to the MILF fighters that will go back to their

normal lives of peace.


The International Decommissioning Body is in the Philippines

to verify the firearms to be turned over by the MILF fighters.


Monagher Iqbal said that although the exact date is not yet

known, the MILF and the Philippine government already agreed

where the firearms will be stored. It was also agreed that the

(IDB) International Decommissioning Body will be the one

to secure the firearms to be turned over by the MILF and not

the Philippine government.


The exact number of firearms possessed by the MILF and the

exact numbers of MILF fighters where known only to President

Aquino. This facts were divulged by MILF Chairman Murad to

President Aquino at the height of the the peace negotiation.


The Decommissioning will be made by the MILF even if the

Bangsamoro Basic Law is still pending approval in congress

because this is one of the condition for the normalization

agreement between MILF and Philippine government.


Christian Monsod, a member of the constitutional commission that

drafted the 1987 Philippine Constitution, defended the version

of the BBL submitted by the Palace and Bangsamoro transition

commission to congress. He said that if there are doubts as to

the validity of some provisions of the BBL Law as against the

constitutions, allow the Supreme Court to decide on its legality.

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