Cabilao Island

cabilao island
Cabilao Island | @natmuseumbohol via Photos by Crispy Miranda

Cabilao Island

In celebration of National Heritage Month and Month Of The Ocean this May 2021, the National Museum Bohol takes you to Cabilao Island in Loon, Bohol!

With an area of almost 8 sq. km., the triangular island of Cabilao is located in the western region of Bohol, near the Visayan Sea, facing Cebu. When the Spanish colonists came to the Philippines, they built fortifications in the archipelago to protect them from adversaries. One of the identified Spanish colonial fortifications is the Punta Baluarte in Cabilao of which the foundation made of coral stone remains.

At present, two lighthouses stand beside the bulwark or baluarte – the old American-period lighthouse with spiral stairs, and a solar-powered lighthouse donated by the Spanish government.

The island also has been declared as a Marine Reserve by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, making it another go-to-destination for diving or snorkeling, as well as swimming. Established dive spots are near the LightHouse, the Cambaquiz Point, and the South Point. Aside from that are seasonal sightings of whale sharks, hawksbill turtles, pilot, and sperm whales.

Despite the laid-back lifestyle and peaceful environment, Cabilao Island is no exemption to ecological threats such as climate change, pollution, overfishing, and even tourism. May we increase our awareness and continue to care, promote and protect our nature and heritage for future generations.

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