Cadaver Found Inside The Kitchen Of A House

By | May 15, 2015


A Female Cadaver was found inside the kitchen of a house in Marilao,

Bulacan, Philippines.


The person who allegedly pointed the location of the cadaver was the

dead girl’s livein partner.


The PNP SOCO (Scene of the Crime Operatives) with the help of the

officials of Barangay Patubig in Marilao, Bulacan, excavated the

area where the cadaver is located.


The PNP personnel went to the area to verify the statement of the

alleged perpetrator, a tricycle driver, that there is a cadaver

in the kitchen of his house.


The statement of the tricycle driver was verified and indeed there
was a cadaver inside his house.


Conscience of guilt was the reason cited by the perpetrator for the

reason of his confession.


The skull of the cadaver has a hole in it believed to have been caused

by the perpetrator hitting the victim.


Reynold Victoria, the name of the perpetrator, narrated that on the

month of April 2011, His mistress, the cadaver found, went to his

house armed with a gun intending to hurt him, he was able to wrestle

the gun away from his mistress.


In self defense, he said he struck her with a hammer in the head causing

her immediate death.


Afraid of being caught by the authorities, he decided to just bury

the body inside his house. He was able to conceal this for 4 years.


When interviewed by a reporter, he said, forgive me for what i did,

and to their daughter he said forgive me for what i did to your



The victim’s family refused to be interviewed and said that they just

want justice to be served.

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