Valenzuela Fire 3 Dead 65 Missing

By | May 13, 2015



3 dead and 65 missing after a fire consumed a slipper factory in

Barangay Ugong in Valenzuela City.


Most of those missing are workers of the factory believed to have

been trapped inside.


Valenzuela Bureau of Fire Protection Unit declared that the fire was

under control at exactly 4:11 pm.


The Valenzuela City Mayor, Rex Gatchalian, confirmed that 3 person

died and 65 person is missing.


The Bureau of fire protection believed that all of the people

inside the factory did not survive.


The Mayor is optimistic and praying that there will be survivors.

The fire reached task force charlie. Task Force Charlie is a fire

alert level requiring the presence of the Deputy Regional Director

having jurisdiction of the fire area. This simply means that the

fire is huge.


The Firemen had difficulty extinguishing the fire caused by thick

smoke. The Chemicals used in the slipper factory is the reason

behind the thick smoke.


Witnesses narrated that they were astounded by a loud sound caused

by an explosion in the gate of the factory. A very thick smoke was

seen following the explosion.


According to one of the factory owner, Beato Ang, approximately 40 to

50 employees were inside the 2 story factory building when the fire

broke out.


Beato Ang explained that there was flammable material inside the

factory which were not covered. Workers was doing a welding job

when the flammables exploded. It was not clear though if the fire

was caused by a spark or otherwise.


The welders survived. They were able to run when the flammable

materials exploded.


The explosion happened in the main gate very near the staircase

where the 3 person died.


According to the survivors, many are trapped inside the second floor

of the factory building.


Most of those who survived are those who are working in the ground



Noon time, one of the relatives of those trapped received a text

message that persons are still alive and trapped inside. The

truthfulness of the text message was not verified.


One of the volunteer fireman suffocated because of the thick smoke.

The fireman said he was not suffocated by the thick smoke but because

of the smell of the chemicals burning.


Seven hours passed and the fire is not yet declared fire out.


Tents were erected by the local government to shelter the relatives

of those trapped inside the factory while waiting for news of their



Deep investigation will be conducted as to the cause of the fire,

the Mayor said.

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