P8.50 Minimum Fare Manila Drivers Asked

Php 8.50 Minimum Fare Manila Drivers Asked

Manila drivers asked that the Php 8.50 minimum fare be brought back. They move on to say that if the price of diesel increases by Php 0.35 pesos per liter, they will petition for a Php 10 pesos minimum fare.

The oil price hike since May 2, 2015, has been Php 0.50 for gasoline and Php 1.10 for diesel.

The Drivers Association will go to the LTFRB on May 13 and file their petition for a provisional increase in the minimum fare by Php 1 peso.

LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board) is a government agency in charge of hearing petitions for fare hike increases.

Efren De Luna, the national president of ACTO, when interviewed said that the original minimum fare of Php 8.50 should be brought back. This increase in fare shall be provisional he moved on to say.

Once the diesel price reaches Php 35 pesos per liter, ACTO will file a petition for a fare hike of Php 10 pesos as the minimum fare.

The price of diesel per liter is now more than Php 30 pesos per liter.

Students and parents are wary that fare hike increases may coincide with the opening of school this month of June which will be an added burden to the parents’ pocket.

The minimum fare at present is Php 7.50 for the first 4 kilometers.

If their petition is denied, the Drivers association threatens to launch a country-wide strike at the start of the school year in June.

Winston Gines, the LTFRB chairman, in a text message, said they will consider and study the petition of ACTO.

The price of crude oil in the international market at present is $60 US dollars per barrel.

Crude oil experts predict that this price will go as high as $70 US dollars per barrel comes the month of September.

Prices of oil went down by as much as Php 15 pesos per liter since last year the Department of Energy said.

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