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Constitutional Offices in the Philippines

  Constitutional Offices in the Philippines In the structure of government, there are so-called Constitutional Commission/offices that are independent of the three branches of government – Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches. These offices were established by virtue of the 1987 Constitution as checks and balances of the government from the excessive use of state power. In order for… Read More »

National Coconut Week

  National Coconut Week Every August 23-30 has been declared as National Coconut Week, in accordance with Proclamation No. 142 series of 1987, that aims to increase people’s awareness and appreciation to the coconut industry as a promising contributor to our nation’s economy. Likewise, the Philippine Coconut Authority celebrates the month of August as National Coconut Month which… Read More »

RIMPAC 2020 List of Ships

  Australia HMAS Hobart (DDG 39) HMAS Arunta (FFH 151) HMAS Stuart (FFH 153) HMAS Sirius (O 266) Brunei KDB Darulehsan (OPV 07) Canada HMCS Regina (FFH 334) HMCS Winnipeg (FFH 338) France FS Bougainville (A622) Japan JS Ashigara (DDG 178) JS Ise (DDH 182) New Zealand HMNZS Manawanui (A09) Republic of Korea ROKS Seoae Ryu Seong-Ryong (DDG… Read More »

Does death penalty reduce crimes in the Philippines?

  Does death penalty reduce crimes in the Philippines? In the Philippine government fight against crime, can it be solved by the return of the death penalty in the Philippines? Is the death penalty the answer? as we promote justice for the victim? Find out some of our misconceptions about this inhumane policy. Note: The intentional homicide rate… Read More »

Longest Serving Philippine Senator

  Today in History July 10, in 1898, Lorenzo Tañada y Martinez, the longest serving Philippine senator (24 years in Senate), staunch opposition leader vs. the Marcos dictatorship, and campaigner for the removal of U.S. military bases in the Philippines, is born in Gumaca, Quezon. Born in the year when the Americans were already amassing troops in the… Read More »