Who Is Comelec Chairman Sherrif Abbas?

Comelec Chairman Sheriff Abbas’s appointment was unanimously approved by the Commission on Appointments.

The Commission on Appointments consists of the President of the Senate as ex-officio Chairman, 12 senators, and 12 members of the house of representatives.

The Commission on Appointments acts as a legislative check on the appointing authority of the President of the Philippines.

The Commission rules by a majority vote of all its members. The Chairman of the Commission on Appointments shall not vote except in case of a tie.

The New Comelec Chairman will become the Philippines youngest, first Comelec Chairman from Mindanao, and the first Muslim Comelec Chair.

comelec chairman
Comelec Chairman Sherrif Abbas: Photo Credit 

The Comelec is one of the 3 constitutional commissions. The other 2 are the    Commission on Civil Service and Commission on Audit.

Generally, the Commission on Elections which Comelec Chairman Sherrif Abbas now heads
has the following powers:

  • Enforcement of election laws
  • Deciding election contests
  • Deciding administrative questions
  • Deputization of law enforcement agencies
  • Registration of political parties
  • Improvement of elections
  • Power to promulgate rules
  • Supervision or regulation of franchises during the election period
  • Power to recommend executive clemency for violation of election laws and regulations
  • In special cases, the power to fix the election period

7 Things You Need To Know About Comelec Chairman Sherrif Abbas

  1. He is 39 years old
  2. He is the nephew of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal
  3. He is a Comelec Commissioner and previously headed the packing and shipping committee
  4. He is a Comelec provincial director in Maguindanao before he was appointed as a Comelec commissioner
  5. He was once a regional director of the Civil Service Commission
  6. He has a degree in philosophy from Notre Dame University in Cotabato City. He obtained this degree in 1999
  7. He has a law degree from the Ateneo de Davao. He obtained this degree in 2004.