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On this day in 1867, the Father of Kapampángan Literature was born in Santa Ines, Bacolor, Pampanga, whose pen name was used to name one of the most well-known Kapampángan literature forms today.

CRISSÓTAN • (krih-SOH-tuhn)
a poetic joust or debate done in verse with rhyming. A form of Kapampángan literature named after Juan Crisostomo Soto, the Father of Kapampángan Literature whose pen name was Crissot.

CRISSOTAN: Kapampángan Poetic Debate
• The Kapampángan version of the Tagalog balagtasan (debate in verse) was born in 1926, or two years after its Tagalog counterpart. • Named in honor of poet Crisostomo Soto, the Crissotan consists of eight (8) rounds, each round with two (2) stanzas, each stanza composed of eight (8) rhymed lines, each line with 12 or 16 syllables.
• A variation of the Crissotan is the three-way Tolentinuan, named after another Kapampángan poet, Aurelio Tolentino.
• The term Crissotan was coined by Amado Yuzon, who was the Ari ning Crissotan (King of Crissotan) from 1930 until his death in 1979.
• Jose Gallardo of Candaba was the last major proponent of the Crissotan.

Source: Center for Kapampangan Studies