Academician Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza

Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza
Academician Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza | @nastphl

Belated happy birthday to Academician Evelyn Mae T. Mendoza! (August 7)

Dr. Mendoza is recognized for her significant contributions to plant biochemistry and biotechnology research and education. Among her contributions are the following:

  1. comprehensive biochemical and nutritional studies on Philippine indigenous legumes;
  2. biochemical mechanisms of plant resistance against selected pests and diseases;
  3. fatty acid and triacylglycerol composition of coconut varieties and hybrids;
  4. established the biochemical basis of the makapuno coconut phenotype;
  5. physicochemical and molecular studies on the storage proteins of coconut;
  6.  development and use of biochemical and molecular tools in studying the genetic diversity of plants and pests;
  7.  development of papaya with delayed ripening trait by genetic engineering;
  8.  physicochemical, functional, molecular studies and engineering of mungbean and coconut proteins, and ;
  9.  and gene discovery initiatives in important crops.

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