11 Examples of Road Obstructions

By | February 21, 2021
examples of road obstructions

11 Examples of Road Obstructions | @PIA_RIII via @DILGPhilippines

11 Examples of Road Obstructions

In general, Road Clearing 2.0 defined road obstructions as structures, materials, or activities within the road right-of-way that impede the free and clear passage of motor vehicles or pedestrians and/or pose danger or cause injury to motorists, pedestrians, or occupants of nearby structures.

  1. Vehicles parked in prohibited places – as specified in Section 46 of RA 4136 or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code, or in sidewalks, paths, or alleys not intended for vehicular parking pursuant to Section 52 of the same act.
  2. Vehicular terminals – except in areas designated by the concerned Local Government Unit (LGU).
  3. Vending Sites – for any kind of item.
  4. House Encroachments that obstruct the road right-of-way, protruding gates, the conduct of household activities, and tents, except those temporarily used for funerals and other similar activities.
  5. Store Encroachments and indiscriminate signages and advertisement.
  6. Obstructing Barangay outpost, halls, markers, and directories.
  7. Conduct of sports, sports facilities, and other related activities.
  8. Drying of rice or other crops.
  9. Construction Materials including sand, gravel, cement, steel bars, logs, and the likes.
  10. Debris, waste materials, and other junked items.
  11. Obstructions identified by LGU, other structures, materials, or activities identified by the LGU as obstructions through their road inventory.

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