The Flag of the Philippines

flag of the philippines
Flag of the Philippines


The flag of the Philippines is one of the important symbols of the country.

Its three main colors are blue, red, and white.

The blue color of the Philippine flag means the peace that matters in the development of the country.

The red color means courage that remembers the strong will of citizens.

White color means the purity and honor of the Filipino people.

The three stars in Philippine flag

The three stars in the Philippine flag represent three groups of the island of the Philippines. These islands are the

  1. Luzon,
  2. Mindanao, and
  3. Visayas.

The first star, the island of Luzon is derived from the word “lusong” used in separating the rice husks from the rice grains. This represents the diligence of Filipinos.

The second star, the island of Mindanao is derived from the word “lawa” or lake. This symbolizes the role of Filipinos to safeguard and preserve the environment and natural resources of the Philippines.

The third star, the island of Visayas is derived from the word “masaya” or happy. This is to always show the jolly character or personality of the Filipinos in words and in deeds.

Sun in the center of the triangle

The sun in the center of the triangle symbolizes the brightness of the Filipino mind.

The eight rays of the sun

The eight rays of the sun in the Philippine flag represent the eight provinces that initially rebelled against Spain to defend the freedom of the people. These provinces are

  1. Manila,
  2. Bulacan,
  3. Pampanga,
  4. Nueva Ecija,
  5. Bataan,
  6. Laguna,
  7. Batangas, and
  8. Cavite.

The flag of the Philippines is unique. It states that the country is in a war when the red color of the flag is above while waving.

Emilio Aguinaldo designed the Philippine flag. Marcela Agoncillo, Lorenza Agoncillo, and Delfina Herbosa Natividad sew the flag in five days in Hongkong.

On June 12, 1898, the Philippines flag for the first time was expanded to the window of Emilio Aguinaldo’s house.

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