On this day, June 26

june 26 1945 philippines signed un charter
June 26, 1945, Philippines signed the UN Charter | @DFAPHL 


On this day, June 26, in 1945, the Philippines signed the United Nations (UN) Charter,  with future UN General Assembly President and Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Carlos P. Romulo representing the Philippine Commonwealth delegation.

The Philippines is one of the 51 founding members of the UN.



On this day, June 26, in 1892, Dr. Jose Rizal returns to the Philippines and merely a week later met with fellow Filipino Masons in Tondo to organize La Liga Filipina. Its constitution aimed to unite the archipelago into one compact, vigorous and homogeneous body; mutual protection in every want and necessity; defense against all violence and injustice; encouragement of instruction, agriculture, and commerce; and study and application of reforms.

Dr.Jose Rizal’s popularity as the author of the anti-friar novel Noli Me Tangere alarmed the authorities. He was arrested and deported to Dapitan, in Mindanao.